PREVIEW: Valance and Co. Take On Crimson Dawn In Star Wars Bounty Hunters #28

Star Wars Bounty Hunters 28 Preview
Star Wars #30 (2022)

Next week the #28 issue of Star Wars: Bounty Hunters hits the shelves and that means official preview day! This is my most anticipated issue of this week.

Why? Because Iden Versio and the Inferno Squad are on the cover of the Taurin Clarke Revelations variant. At this point we do not know if they will be in the actual story but there are two things that make me believe they will be…

  1. The preview is all about Beilert Valance going on a special mission on behalf of Lord Vader and the empire. This would be an easy place to include Iden and the Inferno squad to join the mission or come clean up the mess after Valance and company fail.
  2. The Star Wars: Darth Vader #29 Taurin Clarke Revelations variant has Jul Tambor on the cover and we know that Jul is going to be in that issue because he is directly mentioned in the publisher summary for the book. This is important to me because it shows that the art on the “revelations” variants are not just teasers for the upcoming one shot, Star Wars: Revelations #1, but instead are related to the issues that they are on.

It’s not a guarantee but to me there is a good chance they end up in Bounty Hunters #28.

BUUUUUT if they don’t then Star Wars: Revelations #1 becomes an instant no brainer key issue. Why? Because in the an art preview that Marvel published the other day we got 100% proof that Iden Version will appear in that one shot.

To recap because this (admittedly) could be kind of hard to follow.

  1. We know for sure that Iden Version’s first cover appearance will be the Clarke Revelations variant of Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #28. That alone makes it a key variant for me.
  2. I personally think there is a pretty good chance that Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #28 will be her and Inferno Squads first comics appearance because it appears that the “revelations” variants are intended to be related to the comics they were created for.
  3. If it is not their first appearance and they do not appear in the actual story then Iden Versio and the members of Inferno Squad will get their first appearances in Sar Wars Revelations #1.

UPDATE: Iden Versio and Inferno Squad do not appear in this issue. Their first apeparances will be in Star Wars Revelations #1. Source: I got Bounty Hunters #28 early.

As always never buy anything just because I say it could be a key issue or that I like it. I could be wrong. I could be right. but only buy multiple issues for speculation purposes if YOU want to not because you think I am suggesting you do so.

Regardless… this one is going to be interesting.

Check check out the full preview and all variants of Star Was #29 below. Also be sure to get your pre-orders in over at TFAW.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #28 – Nov 2, 2022


• The bounty hunters are locked in a desperate attempt to escape the pull of a black hole!
• To make matters worse, the Pykes are out to kill them first!
• Meanwhile, what will Valance have to sacrifice to serve the Empire?

In Shops: Nov 02, 2022



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