Is LEGO Star Wars Magazine #75 Mandalorian and Grogu’s First (LEGO) Comic Appearance?

Lego Star Wars Magazine 75 Mandalorian (Din Djarin) and Grogu (Baby Yoda) first LEGO Comic Appearance.

This article actually stems from a reader question about what LEGO publication is the first Mandalorian and Grogu LEGO comic. It sent me down a deep rabbit hole of LEGO publications.

Recently, there has been a sub-set of Star Wars comic collectors who have been interested in particular in LEGO Star Wars comic appearances. From Sabine and Hera to the Inquisitors, Lego Star Wars Comics have always enjoyed a niche collector following within the already niche Star Wars comic collector space.

There’s good reason for this because LEGO Star Wars character appearances tend to come before official traditional “on-model” comic releases from Marvel, etc. Now, of course, these are comics within the “LEGO Star Wars” universe which is, by definition, non-canonical and not the official Star Wars universe. However, they are fun entries into Star Wars comic publishing history.

LEGO Star Wars Magazine is a pretty great publication that I actually wish we were lucky enough to be treated to here in the U.S. Each issue comes with a small vehicle to build or a unique mini figure. The magazine is then chock full of LEGO comics, puzzles, games, and the like.

Notable LEGO Comic Appearances In the Past

Some prior LEGO Star Wars publications containing comics have become sought after commodities on the secondary market.

Notably, the LEGO Star Wars Rebels insert from 2015 is seen by some as the “true first” comic appearance of the Rebels crew of The Ghost and the Grand Inquisitor: Rebels Magazine #16 (4/2015)

(Depending on when the insert was truly published, the Grand Inquisitor’s appearance here may or may not have been preceded by Rebels Magazine #16 (Egmont UK 4/2015))

Lego Club Sept/October 2012 also contains an early Darth Malgus appearance:

So far his only comic appearance anywhere apart from a mention in Old Republic Lost Suns issue 4.

The First LEGO Star Wars comic appearance of Mandalorian and Grogu

Is Lego Star Wars Magazine 75 Mando and Grogu’s first Lego comic appearance?

My methodology for researching this made simple enough sense to me. I wanted to find the earliest LEGO comic appearance of Din Djarin and Grogu, so I started at the month Mandalorian Season 1, Episode 1 debuted –November 2019.

LEGO Star Wars Magazine #53 came out November 10, 2019, so that was my starting point. LEGO Star Wars Magazine #84 came out the week I’m writing this article and is my end point of review.

Now, these comics are released by Immediate Media in the UK and Canada and Baby Whale in other Non-English speaking European countries. So, they are not readily available for me to review.

Thankfully, Youtube came in handy here. I would like to credit Thomas Krause,
Let’s Build It, LONDON BRIDGE BRICKS, SuperMakerUniverse, and Scarif Surf Club who all have LEGO Star Wars Magazine reviews on their channels which made my research possible. The screen captures below come from them.

LEGO Star Wars Magazine 65

The first LEGO Star Wars Magazine I found with Mando and Grogu content was Issue #65 from November 2020. It contains a poster. Now, it’s a nice poster, but it ain’t a comic.

However, there is a two-page spread that makes this issue a “close call.” It’s a two-page photograph of a Razor Crest LEGO set scene. Characters each have speech balloons and there is some action going on with added blaster effects. However, if we’re not calling Screen Comix “comic books” because they are screen captures of live action or CGI TV shows, I think photos with speech balloons would be disqualified as well. Other collectors may differ on this point. This is “close but no cigar” in my book, though.

LEGO Star Wars Magazine 66

Next up, LEGO Star Wars Magazine 66 from December 2020. Another poster. Again, nothing against the poster, but not a comic.

LEGO Star Wars Magazine 68

Issue #68 from February 2021 contains a puzzle with an image of Din and Grogu. It also contains a comic chock full of Mandalorians. The magazine came with an exclusive green and blue Mandalorian Mini Figure, so this story fleshes out that LEGO character. This is a comic with LEGO Mandalorians, just not THE Mandalorian.

The back cover has four perforated postcards with Grogu adorning them, but not a comic.

LEGO Star Wars Magazine 71

Issue #71 from May 2021 contains yet another cool LEGO Mandalorian poster.

It also contains a “spot the difference” puzzle with a Mandalorian image with a speech balloon. While speech balloons are uniquely a comic book element, I think one image with some speech stops short of sequential art which many deem a necessary part of the comic definition. It’s hard to have sequential art with one image because, well, there’s no sequence.

LEGO Star Wars Magazine 75

To cut to the chase, this issue is the winner in my book. Released in September 2021, this issue came with the Klatooinian Raiders’ AT-ST from the Mandalorian episode which is a pretty cool pack-in to begin with.

Lego Star Wars Magazine 75 Mandalorian (Din Djarin) and Grogu (Baby Yoda) first LEGO Comic Appearance.
Lego Star Wars Magazine 75 Mandalorian (Din Djarin) and Grogu (Baby Yoda) first LEGO Comic Appearance.

Once we get inside, after two long years of waiting, we get a full fledged Mando and Baby Yoda LEGO Star Wars comic. Here we have comic illustrated Din Djarin and Grogu in multiple panels, with multiple pieces of dialogue, fighting a Klatooinian Raider AT-ST. Pretty sweet and a pretty solid comic appearance in my book. I’ll admit it, I’ll be hunting one down. If I had to make a call, LEGO Star Wars Magazine issue #75 is Din Djarin and Grogu’s first LEGO comic book appearance.

LEGO Star Wars Magazine 84

Now, just for fun, let’s take a look at this month’s issue. First, we’ve got a color your own Razor Crest with speech balloon Mando.

Then a puzzle with more speech balloon Mando. Finally, more full fledged LEGO Star Wars comic fun! Not a first, but perhaps an issue worth having in the collection for the novelty of it. It comes with a Razor Crest build kit after all.

Now, I’m aware that LEGO has more publications that are more general and not specific to Star Wars including LEGO Magazine and LEGO Life Magazine. So, it’s possible I missed an appearance that precedes LEGO Star Wars 75. If you find one, let me know in the comments (vvvv)!

That’s all for now. More later.


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