New Star Wars Comics February 2, 2022

Even between Disney+ seasons and blockbuster film releases, we get new Star Wars just about every week in our local comic shop!

Here’s a look at the new Star Wars comic book releases hitting shelves at your local comic shop February 2, 2022! Brought to you by TFAW! Check out the official solicitations and previews for Star Wars comic books coming out this week below! Also check out which books are on Final Order Cut Off January 31, 2022 and get your orders in before last call!


Crimson Reign continues next week with Crimson Reign #2. The Rahzzah variant continues his beautiful connecting lineup of Knights of Ren and includes the first cover appearance of one of the new Knights. The Pham variant also contains the first cover appearance of Lord Gyuti (male Falleen Boss of Black Sun).

Crimson Reign #2

NOV210954(W) Charles Soule (A) Steven Cummings (CA) Leinil Francis YuTHE ASSASSINS! QI’RA sends two killers to do what they do best to continue with her plan to plunge the galaxy into chaos. The relentless, Force-blinded OCHI OF BESTOON and the mysterious, unstoppable DEATHSTICK each have a target, and nothing will get in their way!

RATED TIn Shops: Feb 02, 2022SRP: $3.99


Halcyon Legacy is a biggie this week! The Sliney, Wijngaard, and Ferry covers are all tied for the first cover appearance of Jedi Master Nibs Assek and Nihil Tempest Runner Zeetar. Plus, the Sliney cover is the first cover appearance of Lynela Kabe-Oyu, Kel Dor Jedi Master of the High Republic. Lynela made their first appearance in Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures Annual 2021. In addition, Halcyon Legacy #1 contains the first comic appearances of Lady Cimina, Shorr Komrinn, D3-O9, and Halcyon Legacy Captain Keevan. This issue also brings a strange pirate foe from Star Wars volume 1 back into the canon fold–Crimson Jack!

Crimson Jack first appeared in Star Wars #7 (1977) and his first cover was Star Wars Weekly (Marvel UK) #21.

Halcyon Legacy #1

•  As the legendary HALCYON embarks on a momentous… cruise, the ship heads toward a confrontation with THE FIRST ORDER!
•  But what secret from THE HIGH REPUBLIC ERA can help the passengers and crew all these years later?
•  And how did JEDI NIBS and BURRY fend off a NIHIL attack on one of the ship’s first ever voyages?

RATED TIn Shops: Feb 02, 2022SRP: $4.99


High Republic #14

DEC211058(W) Cavan Scott (A) Ario Anindito (CA) Phil NotoTHE EDGE OF DESTRUCTION!
•  From Hero of Hetzal to…murderer? Can Keeve Trennis stop Marshal Avar Kriss from making a fatal mistake?
•  Death and danger await the Starlight Jedi as they finally close in on their enemy.
•  Tying directly into Claudia Gray’s Star Wars: The Fallen Star, phase one of Star Wars: The High Republic enters its cataclysmic final wave of stories. Everything is about to change.
Rated TIn Shops: Feb 02, 2022SRP: $3.99


Titan Magazines

Star Wars Insider #208

NOV218144(W) TitanFrom R2D2 and C3PO to Cal Kestis’ robot buddy BD-1, we find out how droid sidekicks have made the galaxy far, far away a better place.
Interview with Daniel Jose Older (New York Times Bestselling Author) on The High Republic.
Exclusive fiction! An all-new Star Wars: The High Republic story by Justina Ireland!In Shops: Feb 02, 2022SRP: $9.99


  • Newstand
  • PX Exclusive
  • FOC Variant
  • FOC Virgin Variant


For those who aren’t familiar, FOC, or Final Order Cut Off, is when publishers and distributors require retailers to get their orders in. Printers then print according to that number (sometimes with overages). So, if you want to absolutely guarantee you get a book, best bet is to order it before FOC. Final Order Cut Off is Monday 1/31/22 this week.


The IDW Publishing era of Star Wars comics is coming to an end and the reigns to the IP are being handed over to Dark Horse. No solicits from Dark Horse for April Star Wars releases yet, so we’re looking at May for the earliest sign of Star Wars Dark Horse comics.

High Republic Adventures #13

DEC210533(W) Daniel Jose Older (A/CA) Harvey TolibaoJoin Daniel José Older and Harvey Tolibao in this emotional finale to phase one of The High Republic Adventures!
With their latest mission behind them, the Padawan face their greatest challenge yet: the future. Farzala and Qort are ready to take the next steps, but Lula can’t shake her emotions, as is the Jedi way. She’s been trained for battle, for diplomatic relations, for rescue missions… she was never trained for a heart that aches for more. Through it all, though, they are guided by wise words of the Jedi: for light and for life.In Shops: Feb 23, 2022SRP: $3.99



The Sprouse Lucasfilm 50th Variant for Star Wars #21 has the first comic book cover appearance of IG-11, Kuiil, and a Blurrg from The Mandalorian Season 1.

Star Wars #21

NOV210967(W) Charles Soule (A) Marco Castiello (A/CA) Ramon RosanasSTRANDED ON A STAR DESTROYER!
•  After a mission gone wrong, ace Rebel pilot SHARA BEY (POE DAMERON’S mother) was left for dead aboard the TARKIN’S WILL, a huge Star Destroyer.
•  Shara survived and has been hiding deep inside the massive ship ever since, evading COMMANDER ZAHRA’S notice.
•  But her time is up. Can she live long enough to escape?

RATED TIn Shops: Mar 02, 2022SRP: $3.99


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