Preview: Star Wars Adventures #9 (IDW 2021)

Star Wars Adventures #9 (IDW 2021) is out tomorrow and we have a preview here to whet your appetite. You can still order it here:

Keep in mind, the Francavilla cover connects with the upcoming issue #10:

Check out the preview below, but first some first appearances and analysis:

First Appearances:

In the preview, Mace Windu takes his Lightning Squadron down to planet Ridlay to investigate their communications going dark. This comic features clone troopers Razor, Ponds, and Heater.

Ponds makes his first unnamed cameo without dialogue in the 2002 promo comic, Machines of War mini comic that was a Toys R’ Us promo.

Machines of War mini comic

Ponds next appeared in 2009 in the digest comic, Clone Wars Colossus of Destiny, named and with dialogue:

Heater first appeared in Clone Wars Battles Tales #4 from IDW:

Clone Wars Battles Tales #4 from IDW

Finally, although Razor has made appearances in the “Liberty on Ryloth” Clone Wars episode and in a Clone Wars video game, this is his first comic appearance.

Without further ado, the preview!


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