Mike Mayhew Store Exclusive: Star Wars #14 Homage Cover

Mike Mayhew Studios has announced they will be releasing a brand new store exclusive variant cover for Star Wars #14 featuring a photo-realistic homage to Star Wars #42. Check out the announcement below!

WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS is capturing the imagination of STAR WARS and comic fans. I couldn’t resist one more classic homage to a key STAR WARS cover that’s near and dear to my heart. I first experienced THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK at a newsstand in Walgreens looking at Marvel Comics Official Movie Adaptation, with art by the legendary Al Williamson. To me, it was the ultimate portrayal of a cinematic STAR WARS story on paper. The adaptation was also serialized in the main STAR WARS title and issue #42 featured the first appearance of the notorious Boba Fett.

Pre-sales for the STAR WARS #14 Mike Mayhew Studio Variant Cover begin Friday, May 28th at 9 am PST / 12 pm EST at www.mikemayhewstudio.com 

Cover A Trade Dress: $25

With Signature and COA: $35

Set with Cover A Trade Dress and Cover B Virgin: $60

With Signature and COA: $70

Thanks for your attention!

Sincere gratitude for your support!!

Mike Mayhew has been producing some pretty beautiful homages to now-classic Star Wars covers from the original Marvel 1977 run.

For Star Wars #13, Mike produced a photo-realistic homage to Gene Day’s classic Star Wars #68.

Now, Mike is at it again, releasing another photo-realistic homage, this time to Star Wars #42, the classic U.S. debut of Boba Fett! Those readers who pay attention to our sister site, WookyWiki.com will know that the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Marvel Comics Illustrated Version digest was the first actual comics appearance of Boba Fett, but there’s no doubt Star Wars #42 is an iconic cover by Al Williamson, first U.S. cover of Boba Fett, and first regular size comic appearance of Boba Fett.

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