Star Wars First Comic Appearances and Key Issues May 26, 2021!

Every week, Star Wars comics are waiting for you on your local comic shop’s wall! Sometimes, we get lucky and new characters crop up which become fan favorites and potential Disney+ content!

Who reared their galactic head today!?

Darth Vader #12 and Doctor Aphra #10 are available today from TFAW and your local comic shop. Check out these first appearances, key issues and tons more on our sister site!

Darth Vader #12

This week is all about continuing the “Prelude” build up to Soule’s War of the Bounty Hunters cross-over event. In this week’s issue of Darth Vader, the dark lord focuses his rage on the Corellian pilot who spun him out of the Death Star trench- Han Solo! In his search for Solo, Vader enlists the help of a rather muscular, yet leisurely Hutt, Bokku! Bokku seems to be somewhat amicable with Jabba the Hutt, but it looks like that’s about to change as he starts his collision course with the Tattooine slug.

Doctor Aphra #10

Meanwhile, in Doctor Aphra #10, two protagonist pairs: Sana and Aphra, and Just Lucky and Ariole are each headed to the same destination, hunting a pleasure cruise. But who is hunting these hunters? None other than the Clone Wars favorite Gen’Dai bounty hunter, Durge! This is Durge’s first appearance in a comic since Disney’s purge of the old expanded universe, making it his first official cameo in the new canon. He’s unnamed, appears in one panel on the last page, and has no dialogue.

Durge first appeared in comics in Republic #51, and made his first cover appearance on Republic #52.

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