Gabrielle Dell’Otto Reveals Star Wars High Republic #1 Variant for Panini Italy Release

Gabrielle Dell’otto is taking his hand to Keeve Trennis and Jedi Master Yoda on the Panini Italy variant cover to High Republic #1, or “Star Wars: L’Alta Repubblica 1”. Releasing April 19, 2021, this variant will be available in the Italian and European markets. Gabrielle Dell’Otto made the announcement this morning via his Instagram together with Panini Italia.

There’s a listing over on Panini’s website without any cover art, but hopefully this is the listing. Unfortunately, they do not ship to the United States, so we’ll have to wait for some third parties to circumvent that. There is probably a Marvel licensing issue in the United States preventing distribution here.

Honestly, Panini have some of the greatest variant covers to Star Wars comic books and keep pumping out gold. I have some personal favorites in my collection, including the Matteo Scalera Darth Vader #1 depicting a raging Palpatine, the Francesco Mattina Darth Vader #1 depicting an ominous Darth Vader, and the Lee Bermejo Star Wars #1 with a bogged down Luke Skywalker!

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