McFarlane Toys Officially Announce Creature Line: Raw10

McFarlane Toys have officially announced a line of limited articulation creature figures called the “Raw10” line. Check out the official press material below including a Youtube teaser, official product images, comic panels, and poster images.

The figures are available through Wal Mart now and are scheduled to release in August. Cy-Gor and Fren-Z are priced at $19.99, Raptar and Battlesnake are priced at $9.99.

You’ve seen the teaser from @liketoddmcfarlane! And today, we’re revealing our new creature line – Raw10!

Meet CY-GOR, Fren-Z, Raptar and Battlesnake; part beast and machine creatures that make up the Raw10 world.

Each figure comes with movable body parts and a free comic panel.

For more info, visit!

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