Toy Fair New York 2020 Wrap Up: Mego Reveals 8” Stan Lee, Star Trek TNG, and more

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Things have been quiet on the Mego front for quite some time. Pre orders for Stan Lee and the rest of this wave were announced back in October, 2019 and then crickets since.

Well, that silence was broken at Toy Fair. Via we have images of the new Mego 8″ Stan Lee, the Fly, Dr. Jekyl, Jean-Lic Picard, Data, and more! Check out the images below!

You can pre-order these figures at the following fine e-tailers:

2 thoughts on “Toy Fair New York 2020 Wrap Up: Mego Reveals 8” Stan Lee, Star Trek TNG, and more

  1. This is a joke right? The face sculpture for Stan Lee & Picard are awful, barely any resemblance, it doesn’t make any sense to accept lack of quality due to the retail price of these figures, bargain basket quality at best, this makes no sense, with the amount of sculptors, professional & amateur capable of doing top quality work how are company’s still passing rubbish like this off to consumers, yes I know it’s mego but this ain’t the 70s, quality of face sculpting should be a lot better.

    1. I think a lot of the appeal of the Mego figures is that nostalgia aspect. When people buy things like the $350 Shogun Optimus Prime from Super7, it’s true they are buying it for the nostalgia factor and in spite of it’s features/details/accuracy, not because of it. Right now I’m on the fence about Mego Stan because Marvel Legends is coming out at a similar time. I’ll probably end up going Marvel Legends because it’s in scale with all my other 1:12 scale stuff.

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