Star Wars Sith Trooper Merchandise Will Be Available September 1, 2019 Before Triple Force Friday

Via this morning, Sith Trooper merchandise will be available at retailers September 1, 2019 as a special “sneak peek” before Triple Force Friday on October 4.

Of note, Hasbro has released packaging shots for the regular release of the Sith Trooper previously seen as an SDCC 2019 exclusive.

SDCC Exclusive Release
September 1 Sith Trooper Release

A quick comparison shows that the regular release is not coming with the two melee weapons and the flamethrower included in the SDCC Exclusive. It’s hard to tell from the window box of the regular release, but it looks like the two blasters in the top left of the SDCC release will be included in the regular release.

In other exciting news, Hot Toys’ Sith Trooper will see a regular release on September 1 as well. No news on any differences between the SDCC advance release and this release, because the article is using the same pictures as before.

Kotobukiya will also be releasing a collector figure, presumably not articulated or of limited articulation.

More later! DrunkWooky out!

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