Mezco Announce One:12 Collective PX Hellboy: Anung Un Rama Edition

Mezco have announced a variant to their previously announced Hellboy One:12 Collective figure, the Hellboy 2019 Anung Un Rama Edition One:12 Previews Exclusive Figure. Check out the full gallery and product info below!

Running a quick comparison between the solicits, shows a rather even spread between the two figures. You’re not getting everything with either figure. If you go original, you get the gun case and an alternate head with shaved horns, but no flame crown, sword (flaming or otherwise), and no tanktop. If you go Anung Un Rama Edition, you get the horned head (which looks ridiculously epic in proportions!), but lose a gun, an alternate shaved horn head, and a gun case. It’s a trade off.

Originally Announced Hellboy
Anung Un Rama Edition

You can pre-order the Anung Un Rama edition Hellboy from these fine retailers:

Via Mezco:

Hellboy, immensely powerful superhero and paranormal investigator, is now a Previews World Exclusive!

Hellboy stands at approximately 17 cm tall and features 28 points of articulation. He features 7 interchangeable hands and 2 interchangeable heads. The half-demon is outfitted in a removable B.P.R.D. tanktop, removable duster coat, and cargo pants. His crown hovers seamlessly via a discreet post that plugs directly into his head. The great beast is well-equipped for battle and comes complete with both a standard and flaming version of Excalibur, horseshoe, and a customized handgun that fits neatly in his removable utility belt.

The One:12 Collective Hellboy (2019): Anung Un Rama Edition is only available through Previews World.

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