Photoygraphy: Architectural Design with Vader

Today I’m posting a little vignette taking place on the Death Star. The diorama comes from Galactic Trading Post’s Space Walls line. I was happy to purchase the Starter Set and support a company run by fellow Utahns. The Death Star Hologram projector is a custom from Old Jade Jaw on Ebay.

The characters are comprised of 1:12 scale Black Series figures with a Mafex Death Trooper standing guard at the door.

Enjoy the gallery!

Entertainment Earth
Entertainment Earth
“Threepio, I’m like 70% sure we took a wrong turn here. This doesn’t look like the detention block. It’s more like design charrettes.”

“Get that bucket back on, kid! One of those death metal looking troopers is right there!”
“I’m not sure I shared your assessment that a blue finish will strike fear into the heart of the Galaxy, Governor Tarkin.”
“Lord Vader, it is the most icy, hopeless of blues the painters could offer.”
“Do you think they’ve noticed we aren’t really doing anything over here!? I mean there aren’t even any buttons on this wall.”
“Shut up, Kreg! You said this was the way to the Men’s room!”
[garbled voive] “Nobody understands me when I ask for a bathroom break!” -Death Trooper
“The painters ARE also offering a nice red finish, Lord Vader!”
“Yes! The most menacing of crimson reds! [mechanical breathing] Like the refining molten lakes of MUSTAFAR!”
“Oh, sweet Jesus! He got that laser sword out! We’re screwed!”
“Get scarce, Han!”
“On second thought, Governor Tarkin, I believe trhe Emperor would prefer a simple matte black and grey. I don’t know, I’ll need to bring back swatches.”

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