Hasbro SDCC 2019 Exclusive Update: Ghostbusters x Transformers Ectotron

From SDCCblog.com Hasbro revealed today that an 9.5″ Optimus Prime “Ecto-35” will be the latest entry in the legendary halls of SDCC Exclusives! More pictures after the jump!

Who ya gonna call? Transformers! Wait, what? Hasbro’s next SDCC exclusive is a mash up of Transformers and Ghostbusters, as both celebrate their 35th anniversaries this year. Polygon gave a first look at he Ectotron, which features a 9.5″ Optimus Prime, who can transform into his usual semi truck — but this version, the Ecto-35, has a Ghostbusters logo and motto on the side, and a splash of green slime. The trailer converts into a ghost-busting base when Optimus is in his robot form. The set, which will retail for $149.99, comes complete with maintenance supplies and a ghost trap — and the packaging resembles a proton pack.


Just think of an all-spark fueled proton pack! How would that even work? Would the proton pack transform? Wouldn’t that be less than helpful when busting ghosts? Would you want it to transform into a toaster right as you’re crossing the beams? Probably right? That move’s dangerous. Allegedly, at least. I mean the one time it happened, it worked. Am I rambling?

More later.

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