Not a Prototype! Episode 2: Mondo Sixth Scale Batman

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Hi! Welcome to OTC’s recurring column: Not a Prototype!

Today, I’m tossing up some quick pics of the Mondo Sixth Scale Batman: The Animated Series Batman Figure. You can buy this beast of a figure at Entertainment EarthClick through to purchase!

Mondo’s pre-release glam shot

Because every hero needs a villain, Mondo is releasing Mr. Freeze later this year, also available for pre-order!

We have all preordered figures and other collectibles from high-end (or, hey, even low-end) manufacturers. We wait and wait for months on end for this little beauty of tiny scale and expensive licensing to arrive. Then, finally, the day comes! The box is on your doorstep. You’ve been ogling the manufacturer glamour shots of the prototype for months on end. You crack the box and…

In this column, I’ll look at what the figures really look like in the consumer’s hands. These columns won’t so much be full on reviews because there are other much more capable and informed than I to write those. Some suggestions are : MWC Toys or The Fwoosh. I’ll toss up some pictures of product actually in-hand, in normal household lighting, and let the viewer decide. I may point out some things I notice that irk, maybe some things that are awesome. 

Many of us grew up on Batman: The Animated Series. Before Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, before the DCEU Justice League ball of films we have, there was Kevin Conroy’s gravelly, yet re-assuring Batman, and Mark Hamill’s cackling, maniacal Joker.

A large part of Batman: The Animated Series’ success was no doubt how stylized the animation was. Mondo have definitely captured that style. Immediately apparent are the cel shaded areas that maintain solid shadows pose after pose. The cape has a glossy blue off-setting the matte black background. Another aspect of that style are the proportions the characters were animated in. This figure is not your average sixth scale figure on a Hot Toys/Sideshow human body with some clothese and some weapons. This figure is sculpted to animated proportions, top to bottom. He does tend to be slightly heavy at top as a result (up towards the chest). He balances nicely, though.

The figure comes with spades of accessories to get your Bruce Wayne posing anywhere from severely tracking down crime on rooftops all the way down to a relaxed Batman enjoy a mug o’ joe or some rockin’ cassette jams!

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