New Star Wars Comics January 26, 2022

Book of Boba Fett is 4 episodes deep and how about that big bad Wookiee huh!? We thought maybe Black Krrsantan was one and done after episode 2, but looks like he’s sticking around for good! For those who want to lock in that guy’s first appearance, grab Darth Vader #1 (2015 Gillen, and Larocca).

Even between Disney+ seasons and blockbuster film releases, we get new Star Wars just about every week in our local comic shop!

Here’s a look at the new Star Wars comic book releases hitting shelves at your local comic shop January 26, 2022! Brought to you by TFAW! Check out the official solicitations and previews for Star Wars comic books coming out this week below! Also check out which books are on Final Order Cut Off January 24, 2022 and get your orders in before last call!

To start out, Darth Vader #20 Sprouse Lucasfilm variant caught us all off guard last week when the cover art was revealed the day AFTER final order cut off. It was the first comic book cover appearance of Mandalorian, Din Djarin, and Grogu. Yes, these two have appeared on magazines and on the Screen Comix graphic novel, but not what comic book collectors conventionally look to for collecting purposes (DrunkWooky discussion of Screen Comix).

People are asking, and paying, absurd prices on ebay for this book. My advice would be to wait until February 9, the day of release, and grab one from your local comic shop. There will also be plenty of stock available online in stock on that day. Maybe not cover price, but a reasonable resale price. Marvel announced that they will be fulfilling all orders placed through the day after final order cut off and I personally know of a retailer who ordered 250 copies that day. Chances are you will find one for a reasonable price. Marvel has also announced a second print of this variant cover in “Beskar” silver:

Darth Vader #20 Sprouse Lucasfilm Variant (2nd Print “Beskar”)


Slow week for new Star Wars books next week. Just one issue from Marvel and none from IDW (which isn’t surprising with Dark Horse soon taking over IDW’s license).

High Republic Trail of Shadows #4

OCT211035(W) Daniel Jose Older (A) Dave Wachter (CA) David Lopez

TIME IS RUNNING OUT TO SOLVE THE GREATEST MYSTERY OF THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE JEDI! As pressure mounts, EMERICK and SIAN follow a desperate lead to close in on their suspect! A sentimental mistake may tip the balance, but a creeping horror lurks in the shadows… Can the investigators uncover the NIHIL’S secret weapon before it’s used to bring down THE REPUBLIC?In Shops: Jan 26, 2022SRP: $3.99


IDW Trade Paperbacks

Star Wars Adventures Ghosts of Vaders Castle TPB

OCT218688(W) Scott Cavan (A) Various (CA) Francesco FrancavillaJoin Lina, Milo Graf, and Crater for one last adventure to Vader’s Castle! These fun, but eerie and horror-packed tales take you through the creepy side of the Star Wars galaxy.
The ghosts of Vader’s Castle are haunting everybody’s dreams! First, Milo has been having nightmares about zombie droids, with  special appearances by Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, and Jar Jar Binks. Then, Lina runs into Jaxxon, who reveals that he, too, has been having troubling dreams of vicious Wookies bigger than mountains! Plus, catch up with Hudd and Skritt as Hudd deals with dreams concerning the Spirit of the Swamp, a gilled monster that terrorizes Dagobah! But Lina isn’t immune to the nightmares either-as her dreams are visited by the galaxy’s most threatening villain!
In the finale, Lina, Hudd, Skritt, and Jaxxon race to Mustafar to save Milo and Crater. Will the group be able to fight the ghosts that still haunt the castle, or will the galaxy forever be bound to suffer from the wrath of the Ghosts of Vader’s Castle?!
Ghosts of Vader’s Castle finishes the saga started in Tales of Vader’s Castle and Return to Vader’s Castle!
In Shops: Jan 26, 2022SRP: $12.99


For those who aren’t familiar, FOC, or Final Order Cut Off, is when publishers and distributors require retailers to get their orders in. Printers then print according to that number (sometimes with overages). So, if you want to absolutely guarantee you get a book, best bet is to order it before FOC. Final Order Cut Off is Monday 1/24/22 this week.

Darth Vader #20 Sprouse Second Print (“Beskar”)

DEC218544(W) Greg Pak (A) Raffaele Ienco (CA) Chris SprouseTHE QUEEN’S SHADOW RETURNS!
•   Darth Vader continues his quest to destroy the agents of Crimson Dawn, abetted by an unlikely crew of heroes and assassins.
•   But every twist in the tale gets thrown into question with the shocking return of SABÉ, handmaiden of Padmé Amidala!
•   Who’s the hero? Who’s the villain? And will they choose chaos or order in the age of Crimson Reign?
Rated TIn Shops: Feb 23, 2022Final Orders Due: Jan 23, 2022SRP: $3.99

High Republic #15

This issue is intriguing because it marks the end of the first volume of the High Republic phase 1 Marvel comic. Cavan Scott’s flagship title will be back in October 2022 for Phase 2, the prequel!

DEC211061(W) Cavan Scott (A) Ario Anindito (CA) Phil NotoEVERYTHING CHANGES!
•  Phase one of Star Wars: The High Republic reaches its galaxy-shaking conclusion.
•  Only one person can save the Jedi from the mysterious monsters that stalk Starlight Beacon.
•  Who will live and who will die?
Rated TIn Shops: Feb 23, 2022SRP: $3.99


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