Final Product Images: Asmus Toys 1/6 Scale NERO (DMC V)

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Asmus Toys, via Facebook, shared final product images for the Devil May Cry V Nero 1/6 Scale figure today! Apparently, stock has left the factory and it’s on its way to distribution. Asmus still has some stock unspoken for if these pictures entice you enough. Check out the gallery below!

Many people are day one pre-order types who watch pre-orders like hawks, jump on every announcement, and are placing their deposit the day pre-orders go live. Other collectors plan, wait, and consider. The day final product images are released is the real decision-making day in the mind of that latter set of collectors.

As Asmus makes abundantly clear in their disclaimers, things can change between the solicit prototype photos and the production model. This is the day we see what fell by the wayside and what managed to make it into production. What headsculpt changes, costume changes, and accessory changes (if any) were made.

I have to say, the detail on this final product looks pretty stellar. I like the detail of the skin tone, giving Nero a freckled sort of look. The jacket’s multiple fabrics are really impressive on the close-ups. Corduroy lining, leather shoulders, and what looks like a denim outer shell. Then there are the interchangeable right hands. Insane. I believe he has 4 and they all look incredible. At least one of the robotic hands is solicited as fully articulated, so that’s always exciting. I’m a sucker for articulated robotic hands like Iron Man’s, Dark Side Anakin’s, and K-2S0’s.

Nero has left the factory,
here are the first glance of the final product. please enjoy the quick photos~

We still have limited stock available online, so if you have yet order a copy, make sure you follow the below link to secure one.

Asmus Toys

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