Hot Toys Announce New Spider-Man Negative Suit 1/6 Scale Figure

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We can never get enough Spider-Man in enough iterations! I mean that in all seriousness without any whiff of sarcasm!

Hot Toys have announced the Negative Suit Spider-Man 1/6 Scale Figure! Negative Spidey is dropping between January 2020 and March 2020 and is retailing over at Sideshow for $267! No word on pre-orders right now, but we’ll keep you updated! For now, check out the sweet, sweet gallery below! Check out that spidey sense effect!

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From Hot Toys:

Marvel’s Spider-Man – 1/6th scale Spider-Man (Negative Suit) Collectible Figure

After eight years behind the mask, an experienced Peter Parker who’s more masterful at crime fighting takes to the streets of Marvel’s New York to face Mister Negative, the ruthless gang leader considered as one of the most dangerous threats to ever sweep through the city.

Inspired by the action-packed video game Marvel’s Spider-Man, Hot Toys is thrilled today to introduce the Marvel’s Spider-Man 1/6th scale Spider-Man (Negative Suit) collectible figure as an Exclusive item only available in selected markets! Within the game’s massive collection of suits, Spider-Man’s Negative Suit brings in more movement within the shade, implying the Negative Energy through the suit itself, giving the eye-catching suit another level of detail.

The figure is carefully crafted based on the Negative Suit in the Marvel’s Spider-Man video game, featuring a newly developed masked head sculpt with three pairs of interchangeable eye pieces; a specialized body with terrific range of movement; a monochromatic Spidey suit with a negative version of the games iconic white spider emblem, now black, on chest; matching interchangeable hands for different signature postures; Web-Shooters; a Spider-Drone; trip mines; web bombs; Vulture Jammer; a variety of web accessories; and a stylishly designed dynamic figure stand.

Add the special Marvel’s Spider-Man figure to your wall-crawler collection today! He is ready to unleash a devastating wave of negative energy!

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