Amazon Exclusive Star Wars Black Series Chewbacca and C-3PO (Ughnaught Confrontation) 2-Pack Coming in November

UPDATE 10/7/2019: Available for pre-order from US Amazon site now for $49.99 with free shipping and a December release date!

Via, a new Black Series 2-pack has been listed shipping in November 2019. This 2-Pack features Empire Strikes Back C-3po (with removable limbs) and Chewbacca with a net backpack and E-11 blaster! Chewie’s head sculpt seems to be a new sculpt taking the best of the Solo and A New Hope Chewbacca releases. That’s just my untrained eye speculating, though. Threepio also gets new paint on his wiring, and some dismembered limbs with errant wire plugs for full effect!

Check out the full gallery below!

The Amazon listing is showing this as retailing for around $60, which is pretty steep. We’ll see if this is a mistake.

We’ll update with an US Amazon listing when available. It’s available!

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