Funko Announces Second “Paka Paka” series, Kawaii Village

We reported that Soda Kats are coming from Funko in a new “Paka Paka!” line last week.

I still don’t know what a Paka Paka is, but that hasn’t stopped Funko from announcing a second series. That little dragon/dinosaur is back in the top right-hand corner, but this time in gold rather than the Soda Kats green. <shrugs>

Again, this line is “launching” from Gamestop. No news if that means it’s exclusive to Gamestop or just a market study for a larger release. Check out the pics below.

From Funko:

Introducing Kawaii Village, the second series from Paka Paka! Join GameStop’s Funko Insider Club to learn more about this original line from Funko, which is launching at GameStop this fall!


Coming soon!

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