Target Exclusive Droids Vintage Collection and Black Series Figure Up For Pre-Order Tomorrow

In keeping with Hasbro’s continuing habit of making every desirable figure release a retailer exclusive, a wave of Vintage Collection and Black Series figures are going up for pre-order at Target tomorrow! The pre-orders will go live 9/24/21 at 9 AM Eastern Time. Short notice much, Hasbro!?

Check out the pre-order links below tomorrow morning, but be quick! Those scalper bots are circling this fresh meat!

These figures commemorate the iconic 80s Droids animated series. The Vintage Collection wave will include C-3po, R2-D2, and Boba Fett on vintage style cardbacks with packed in commemorative coins!

The lone Boba Fett Black Series figure fills out the 6 inch offerings from this exclusive wave. Boba Fett comes in a paint deco reminiscent of the colors used in the Droids series and comes in a window box with front flap. This is the same treatment we saw the comic figures receive earlier in the year (Jaxxon, Carnor Jax, Luke, and Darth Maul).

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