New Spawn Wave 1 Action Figures for 2021 from McFarlane Toys

Yes, this is primarily a Star Wars website and yes it is primarily a Star Wars comics website, but sometimes something else tickles my fancy and I like to share it! Spawn has always been a character and comics series so ridiculous and over the top that I had to appreciate it.

Anyway, since McFarlane started really upping their action figure game circa 2019-2020, they have produced a lot of variations of Spawn. Mostly, within the Mortal Kombat 11 line. You’ve got Spawn with sword, Spawn with Mace, Spawn with axe, Blood Feud Spawn, Lord Covenant Spawn, 12 inch Commando Spawn, Mandarin Spawn, Blue Mandarin Spawn, and the list continues.

Well Todd isn’t content with just Spawn variations and this week he announced The Clown, The Raven, Redeemer, and a Violator MegaFig!

Although Spawn figures have been slowly releasing from the Mortal Kombat 11 line and as one-offs like Mandarin Spawn, this marks the official Wave 1 release of a brand new Spawn action figure line!

And, in case you were missing a brand new Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn variant, the new Malefik Spawn is also now available for pre-order!

Redeemer– $24.99 (September 2021)

Raven– $24.99 (September 2021)

Clown– $39.99 (September 2021)

Violator MegaFig– $49.99 (September 2021)

Target Exclusive Gunslinger Spawn– $24.99 (August 2021)

Malefik Spawn- $19.99 (September 2021)

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