Super7 Tease Ultimate Thundercats Thundertank

Yesterday, Super7 posted the following image via social media:

Did Panthro find another wrecked spaceship? #Super7DaysofTeasers

It was unclear whether this would scale with the Reaction line or the 7 inch Ultimates line. They followed it up today with this one:

ThunderCats are on the move! The ULTIMATES! ThunderTank will launch next TUESDAY 2/2! Pricing & details to come later this week.
#ThunderCats #ThunderTank #UltimatesFigures #Super7

In good news for all things awesome worldwide, the Thundertank is scaled with the 7 inch Ultimates figures! Better grab that Lion-O before he climbs any higher on the aftermarket. He already goes for $80-100.

Pre-order details, pricing, etc. will be announced February 2, 2021.

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