Second Run of Super7 Thundercats Lion-O and Panthro Available During Thundertank Pre-Order

Responding to fan comments, Super7 have opened up another round of pre-orders for a second run of Mummra, the Ever-Living, Lion-O and Panthro of the 7 Inch Thundercats Ultimates line.

Super7 Fully Reveal ThunderCats Ultimates 7″ Wave 2 Figures!

Super7 have just revealed the full wave 2 presumably slated for a late 2020 shipping date. This wave features the transformed, less decrepit, more muscular, Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living with Ma-Mutt, Grune, Tygra, and Pumyra. Pre-orders open up on Super7's site on January 6, 2020 and close January 31, 2020. For now, enjoy the product promo images and info from Super7 after the jump!