Toy Fair New York 2020 Wrap Up Day 2: Super 7 Ultimates Thundercats Wave 3

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Super 7 have announced the lineup for Wave 3 of their Thundercats Ultimates line. That’s right, wave 1 hasn’t even released yet and we’re onto wave 3 announcements!

The wave includes Jaga, Cheetara, Slithe, and Captain Cracker!

Check out the full gallery below!

I couldn’t attend in person this year.?So, because some of these photos of new releases and product showcases come from third parties, we will give credit where credit is due. Each image in the gallery below should have the author’s Instagram tag in the top left of the screenshot. Please go ahead and give these champions a follow. Great stuff.

No product details, release dates, or pre-order links yet. We’ll keep you updated. You can order Waves 1 and 2 here:

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