SPOILERS: What happened to [REDACTED] in Star Wars: The High Republic?

With Phase III of the High Republic officially in full swing in Star Wars land some of the story points that have us fan’s interest are the whereabouts and status (alive or dead?) of some of our favorite characters. It’s something I hear talked about the most online about the High Republic. Fans want to know if Lula, Sskeer, Farzala, Buckets of Blood, Imri, etc. are alive.


You may notice that this post no longer includes the spoiler that you came here to see. I was asked very politely by someone to take this down because they were in some pretty hot water because of it. They made it clear that I did nothing wrong but that it would help them out professionally if I would remove the post and any images in it.

This is a hobby for. For them it is a job. Any joy I get out of views and online high fives for finding out a fun spoiler or leak is not worth them potentially losing their job. So I took it down and removed the information they asked me to. Which was pretty much all of it.

The reason this site was created is to share my thoughts on comics and hopefully make collecting Star Wars comics easier and more fun. Not to be the “scoop” guy. Felt life the right thing to do.

BUT… not all is lost. Today the full lineup of Star Wars comics from Marvel was released.

You can check that out here.

That’s all for now.

For light and life!

Grand Admiral Frik

P.S. I initially just unpublished the post but didn’t want people thinking I had a busted ass website with broken links so I figured I’d put it back up with this update.

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