New Star Wars Comics & Books For September 6, 2023

Hello there and welcome to the weekly new Star Wars comics post where I break down all new comics, books, whatever that will come out next week as well as all Star Wars comics with a final order cutoff next Monday!

Sorry for the delay on this and the radio silence from me this last week. I’ve been in Canada for my real job and it was tough to peel away from my responsibilities to post about comics. But Im back in business starting today.

Let’s dig in shall we?

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Star Wars: Dark Droids #2 by Charles Soule is the 2nd of 5 issues in this mini-series about the Scourge and Ajax Sigma’s efforts to free droids from simply being servants to organics. When Ajax Sigma was first announced back in Star Wars: Revelations #1 I had assumed he was going to be a villain and the “scourge” would be his doing. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Instead, the scourge is an ancient virus of sorts that was locked away inside of the fermatta cage (from Star Wars Hidden Empire) and made sentient thanks to the Spark Eternal (from Star Wars: Doctor Aphra and Star Wars: Hidden Empire.)

We’re likely to continue to get first appearances of new “free” droids that are a part of Ajax Sigma’s followers but it is hard to predict value with droids. I am starting to think Ajax Sigma will be around for a while but tough to say the same about the others.

Star Wars #38 by Charles Soule is a continuation of his Star Wars: Lando mini-series from 2015 and a Dark Droids crossover issue. In that story, Lando, Lobot, Channath Cha (RIP), and others break into Palpatine’s “pleasure yacht” to steal valuable artifacts. But they end up finding something much more sinister, the mask of Darth Momin. This mask contained the spirit of the former Sith lord and allows Momin to control whoever wears the mask.

This arc, thanks to Lando and Lobot, will likely uncover Momin’s role in this and the origin of the scourge. Remember, Momin also created the fermatta cage. He’s likely the one who locked away the “scourge” inside the cage thousands of years ago (could be less though… timeline isn’t really clear) because of the damage droids can do if they become infected.

Would make sense considering Momin was first mentioned in Star Wars: Lando. Though his first full appearance is widely considered Darth Vader #22 from Soule’s 2017 run.

Aside from cover A the best variant in my opinion is the E.M. Gist Clone Wars 15th Anniversary Commander Cody variant. It rules.

Star Wars: The High Republic – Tales of Light and Life Novel from Disney Lucasfilm Press. This is a young adult anthology book that has nine High Republic short stories from all three phases of The High Republic. I got my hands on a “first to market” copy from San Diego Comic Con about a month ago so I’ve already read it.

To me, the stories are hit-and-miss. Some I am not sure why they were needed but others include huge pieces of lore from The High Republic and tease what’s to come in phase III. So while some stories were not my cup of tea… if you’re a High Republic fan I still highly suggest grabbing a copy. There’s a Marda Ro story from Tessa Gratton and a Bell/Burry story from Charles Soule that are amazing in my opinion.

Star Wars: The High Republic Phase III Reading Order & Comic Checklist

Star Wars comics with an FOC deadline this upcoming Monday, August 28th, are:

  • Star Wars: The High Republic – Shadows of Starlight #1 is one of my most anticipated books of the year. (should be the first app of a bunch of Jedi council members)
  • Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #39 (the continuation of the Jango Fett/Tarr Kligson storyline)
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader #38 (fun Hondo variant)

Check out everything new coming up (including all variants) below and get your pre-orders in over at TFAW or here over The Comic Corner.

Quick Shortcuts: (not just Star Wars)

Star Wars: Dark Droids #2


(W) Charles Soule (A) Luke Ross (CA) Leinil Yu

The horror continues as THE SCOURGE begins to execute its grand plan, orchestrating its droid minions across the galaxy. It learns more with every passing moment, grows stronger…and is selecting the next targets on its path to total dominion over all mechanical intelligence! Standing in its way, only the warrior-priest droid AJAX SIGMA and the sentient droids of the SECOND REVELATION.

Rated T

In Shops: Sep 06, 2023

SRP: $4.99


Star Wars #38


(W) Charles Soule (A) Madibek Musabekov (CA) Stephen Segovia

TATOOINE TREASON! – A DARK DROIDS TIE-IN! As the SCOURGE OF THE DROIDS makes its way through the palace of JABBA THE HUTT on Tatooine, LANDO CALRISSIAN is faced with a dire situation as he attempts to save the life of his old friend LOBOT.

Their salvation is hidden deep within the palace… …but will they live long enough to find it?
Rated T

In Shops: Sep 06, 2023

SRP: $4.99


Star Wars: The High Republic – Tales of Light and Life


(W) Zoraida Cordova, Tessa Gratton, Claudia Gray, Justina Ireland, Lydia Kang, Daniel Jose Older, Charles Soule, Cavan Scott, & George Mann

The High Republic authors share unmissable short stories that bridge Phases, resolve mysteries, and offer tantalizing hints of what is to come. Rejoin the adventures of the Jedi and Padawans, Pathfinders, and Path members, heroes and villains ahead of the launch of Phase III.

In Shops: Sep 06, 2023

SRP: $18.99

Star Wars The High Republic Tales of Light and Life
Star Wars The High Republic Tales of Light and Life

Star Wars Comic Book FOC Deadlines

For those who aren’t familiar, FOC, or Final Order Cut Off, is when publishers and distributors require retailers to get their orders in. Printers then print according to that number (sometimes with overages). So, if you want to absolutely guarantee you get a book, the best bet is to order it before FOC. Final Order Cut Off is Monday 9/4/23 this week.

Star Wars: The High Republic Shadows of Starlight #1


(W) Charles Soule (A) Ibraim Roberson (CA) Phil Noto


Little has been revealed about the year following the fall of STARLIGHT BEACON and the ultimate triumph of THE NIHIL…until now! THE JEDI COUNCIL, reeling from its losses, has recalled its JEDI KNIGHTS from across the galaxy and instituted the emergency measures. MASTER YODA has a plan to save the Order and the galaxy, but he must touch the dark side to achieve it…and the consequences will be grave indeed.

Rated T

In Shops: Oct 04, 2023

SRP: $5.99


Star Wars: Darth Vader #39


(W) Greg Pak (A) Raffaele Ienco (CA) Leinil Yu

THE CRUCIBLE OF HATE – A DARK DROIDS TIE-IN! The DROID SCOURGE takes over one of DARTH VADER’S closest allies – and seizes one of MUSTAFAR’S greatest weapons! To survive, Vader must finally reclaim his control over THE FORCE by exploring his deepest hatred. Featuring the answer to the terrifying question: Who does Vader hate more than anyone else in the galaxy?
Rated T

In Shops: Oct 04, 2023

SRP: $4.99


Star Wars: Bounty Hunters 39


(W) Sacks, Ethan (A) Davide Tinto (CA) Marco Checchetto


Turned into a mindless killing machine, VALANCE is out to eliminate his former crew! Do BOSSK and ZUCKUSS stand a chance? Can even the mighty DURGE stop him? And TARR KLIGSON’S SECRET PLAN is finally revealed!

Rated T

In Shops: Oct 04, 2023

SRP: $4.99


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