New McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Figures: Death Metal Batman, The Drowned, DC Rebirth Robin, Superman Red Son

McFarlane Toys have opened up pre-orders for their next wave of DC Multiverse figures including Death Metal Batman, Dark Knights Death Metal The Drowned, Superman Red Son, and DC Rebirth Damian Wayne Robin! These figures are priced at $19.99 each and are scheduled to release February 2021. Check out the full product galleries and pre-order links below!

Now you can plop that Batman on that Bat-cycle!

Pre-order links:

DC Multiverse Red Son Superman 7-Inch Action Figure

DC Multiverse Death Metal Batman 7-Inch Action Figure

DC Multiverse The Drowned 7-Inch Action Figure

DC Multiverse Damian Wayne Robin 7-Inch Action Figure

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