New Product Images and Pre-Order Listings on Amazon for McFarlane Toys- MK11 Sub-Zero, Fortnite Red Strike Amazon Exclusive, Ice King

Amazon list three McFarlane Toys products dropping in September today. Check out the galleries and pre-order links below!

First, we’ve got all new images of Sub-Zero from McFarlane’s new 7″ Mortal Kombat 11 line. These images seem to be actual product images rather than the 3-D renderings previously shown. Not much in the way of articulation shown off, but if the joints are similar to the Fortnite line, there should be quite a bit of range of motion to play with. The icey, translucent accessories look pretty nice too. If anything his outfit is a bit busy for my tastes, but that’s probably just a product of the MK11 design more than the figure production itself.

Sub-Zero is available for order here.

Next, it looks like Red Strike from the 7″ Fortnite line will be an Amazon exclusive and pre-order listings have gone live! Again, McFarlane aren’t great at picturing these figures in poses that best show their possible articulation. Suffice to say that I’ve been happy with the double knee and double elbow joints in the past. The accessories and deco on these Fortnite figures is nice, too.

The Red Strike Amazon Exclusive Figure is available here.

Finally, we have one new product image and a pre-order listing live on Amazon now for the Fortnite 7″ Ice King figure also releasing in September.

It’s available here.

More later! DrunkWooky out!

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