New Pre-Order: Fortnite 7″ A.I.M., Ragnarok, and Wild Card Figures

Starting out the week of pre-order announcements, McFarlane Toys Fortnite 7″ A.I.M., Ragnarok, Wild Card Black, and Wild Card Red figures are now available from Entertainment Earth and BigBadToy Store. Gallery and pre-order info below!

A few observations: I’m liking the look of the shading on Rangarok’s cape. That’s some nice detail. Wildcard Black’s suitcase with handcuffs (let’s call it the “Football”) is going to be a nice accessory for a bunch of other figure sets and dioramas as well! I’m excited to put together some goons for the Soap Studio Bank Robbery Joker.

In other news, check out the following Amazon prime deals on McFarlane Toys Fortnite figures you may have missed: Cuddle Team Leader and Skulltrooper.

These deals are Prime Day deals valid 7/15/2019 through 7/16/2019.

The next wave of Fortnite 7″ figures from McFarlane Toys is slated for an August 2019 release and is available at the following fine retailers:



Wildcard Black

Wildcard Red

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