Funko Announce Big New Wave of Soda Vinyl Figures: Suicide Squad, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Escape From New York, He-Man MOTU, TMNT, Sonic, My Hero Academia, Looney Tunes, and Marvel…Phew!

Funko just dropped a butt ton of Soda Vinyl solicitations for January through April 2021. Funko is even starting something called Marvel Luchadores?

DrunkWooky Action Figure Review: The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyl Aliens Xenomorph, MOTU He-Man, and GOT Night King

What's up, everywookiee! It's DrunkWooky here with another action figure review! Today, I'm taking a look at the Loyal Subjects Action Vinyl line with a couple examples from across their licenses. We have the Aliens Xenomorph, Game of Thrones Night King, and Masters of the Universe He-Man.

Super7 Los Amos Del Universo (Masters of the Universe) Mexico Unboxing Con 2019 Exclusive Figures Available Online

Big Bad Toy Store listed the 2019 Mexico Unboxing Con Exclusive Los Amos Del Universo Vintage 5.5" figures from Super7. While all these figures have been announced as coming to retail in the standard vintage blister packs, these Mexico Unboxing Con exclusives come with exclusive "[r]etro window box package...based on the 1980s Mexican release". A must-have for MOTU completists. Check out the gallery after the jump.

Mondo’s Next MOTU 1/6 Scale Figure: Mer-Man

Mondo has announced their Masters of the Universe Mer-Man 1/6 scale figure earlier today. It's slated for a December 2019 to January 2020 release and is retail priced at $169.99 plus shipping. Check out the full gallery and info of both the Mondo Exclusive and Regular Retail Release below. Mondo's 1/6 Scale Masters of the … Continue reading Mondo’s Next MOTU 1/6 Scale Figure: Mer-Man

DrunkWooky’s Review: Mondo He-Man 1/6 Scale Figure

Hey, Reader, DrunkWooky here back with another action figure review! Today I'm reviewing the Mondo 1/6 Scale He-Man action figure. To begin with, this review could have easily been a video on our YouTube channel, and was on its way to being so. Lo and behold, there is a lot going on with this figure. … Continue reading DrunkWooky’s Review: Mondo He-Man 1/6 Scale Figure