Powercon 2019 Quick Summary: Thundercats, Ninja Turtles, Conan, and, of Course, He-Man

Powercon 2019 took place over the weekend in Anaheim, California. There were tons of reveals, including a new He-Man series coming to Netflix with Kevin Smith taking on the role of show-runner!

In toy news, however, there was a venerable tidal wave of reveals. I’ve prepared a quick summary, which is by no means exhaustive of all the mountains of info coming out of the con! Thanks to all of our Instagram friends who provided coverage. They’re attributed below!


You would think that Super7 had nothing left to reveal after showing us Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, Panthro, and Jackalman from their new Thundercats Ultimate 7″ line last week, but the train kept-a-rolling!

First of all, the prototypes for the first wave of Thundercats were on display. These are slated to release late in 2020.

Via @thundercatsnow

Super7 also announced the next three waves that will be available and when pre-orders will go live:

Super7 didn’t stop there, though! No, they are taking on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle license as well with all new 7″ figures. The first wave looks to include Raphael, Splinter, a Foot Ninja, and Baxter Stockton.

via @2ndtimearoundtoysandcomics:

It looks like Super7 is taking a similar approach to accessories as the Thundercats line. Read: many!

And Conan figures!


No cameras were allowed during Mondo’s discussion of the 1/6 scale MOTU line, so we’re just going to leave a Mer-Man picture here.

The following figures were revealed during Mondo’s panel, though:

  • Trap Jaw
  • She-Ra
  • Teela
  • Beast Man
  • Stratos.


Finally, Mattel showed off its re-booted 5.5 inch line modeled after vintage figures. Origins’ first wave looks like it will include He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Beast Man, and last but not lease, Trap Jaw!

Via @charlie_5.5

And not to be forgotten: Prince Adam with Sky Sled and Battle Cat!

We’ll update as info tricles out and pre-orders go live!

More later! DrunkWooky out!

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