Quick Correction For Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #10

Quick Correction For Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #10

There’s been a lot of confusion around Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #10. A few months back I noticed that the cover for issue #10 was updated and it had the 4 original members of the Bad Batch; Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Crosshair. It official goes on sale on Nov 1, 2023.

This is significant because it means that Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #10 would be the first full comic appearance of The Bad Batch.

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The confusion came from Dark Horse having the wrong artists and publisher’s description for the issue. Instead of talking about the Bad Batch, it instead described a Yoda and Mace Windu story. I eventually found out that that story would actually be issue #1.

Since FOC is coming up October 2, 2023, I reached out to Dark Horse to confirm who the artists are for both cover A.

It was confirmed to me that Cover A would be by artist Riccardo Faccini while Cover B would be by Luke Marangon.

Here’s the official art:

Quick heads up though – the Faccini art for cover A had been previously listed as the cover B. So if you have pre-orders you may want to check on them to ensure you get the cover(s) that you want.

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I think they are both cool but I personally like cover B. It’s just more unique.

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