Pre-Orders Live: McFarlane Toys Warhammer 40k 7 Inch Figures

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On May 23, Games Workshop announced the age of “New Warhammer 40k”. What that means exactly, I’m not sure, but things are supposedly getting shaken up. With this shake up brings a first (well, second). While Bandai had an Ultramarine action figure last year, it was limited in its release and pretty expensive. McFarlane Toys is bringing the heat with a wave of 7 inch Warhammer 40k action figures! The first wave includes a Primaris Intercessor Ultramarine, DIY Ultramarine and Necron Warrior! The figures are priced at $19.99 and are releasing September 2020!

There’s even a paint-your-own figure on its way to keep that DIY ethic from the tabletop game alive!

Check out the pre-order links, gallery and product info below!

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Ultramarines Primaris Assault Intercessor

This hard-as-nails Space Marine is modelled after the Sergeant featured in the trailer, wielding a heavy bolt pistol and chainsword – it even includes the same nifty little heraldic shield, red helm, and markings.

Necron Warrior

Not to be outdone, this hunched, brazen Necron Warrior comes packed with a massive Gauss Flayer and a Canoptek Scarab in the box! The figure is fully poseable to pair up in dynamic duels or skulk around stalking your other action figures – play director and see what rad scenes you can come up with.

These are just the first two figures from what promises to be a larger line. In fact, we’ve got another one to show you that answers the burning question you’re probably wondering right now…

Yes, you can paint your own. This initial wave also includes an unpainted Space Marine Primaris Intercessor armed with a Bolt Rifle, ready to be recruited into your favourite Chapter.

Pre-order links:

The “New Warhammer 40k” was announced with a pretty epic trailer linked below! Not sure what the new digital animation means. Video game, TV show? At any rate, it’s pretty cool in its own right!

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