Funko Announce Big New Wave of Soda Vinyl Figures: Suicide Squad, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Escape From New York, He-Man MOTU, TMNT, Sonic, My Hero Academia, Looney Tunes, and Marvel…Phew!

Funko just dropped a butt ton of Soda Vinyl solicitations for January through April 2021. Funko is even starting something called Marvel Luchadores?

OTC’s Weekly Dose 9/13/2019

End of a busy week? Feel like you were dragged by a team of horses, kicking and screaming through the weekdays and tumbled bruised and bloodied over the weekend finish line? What did you miss? Where to start? Hot Toys showed us a blurry Gyllenhaal, NECA made Toony Terrors 8-bit, Endgame casual Pop wave, those damn Canucks got all the Star Wars stuff early, and Hasbro mobilized wave after wave of new Marvel Legends promo images! This is your Weekly Dose!