DrunkWooky Comic Review: Justice League Endless Winter #2 (Endless Winter Part 9)(Lanning, Marz, Di Giandomenico, Porter, 2020)

Welcome back, everybody, to my read through DC Comic’s Justice League Event for 2020, Endless Winter. Today I’m taking a look at Justice League Endless Winter #2, Part 9 of Endless Winter.

OTC’s Weekly Dose 8/23/2019

End of a busy week? Feel like you were dragged by a team of horses, kicking and screaming through the weekdays and tumbled bruised and bloodied over the weekend finish line? What did you miss? Where to start? LEGO Star Wars got leaked, yet another Cap Hot Toys was announced, NECA blew minds with the second NYCC exclusive reveal, and Threepio ponders his consciousness. This is the Weekly Dose!