DrunkWooky Rumor Rundown: The Grand Inquisitor, High Republic Teens

What's up everywookiee! Welcome to a Rumor Rundown! This is where we take a look at the rumors floating around the internet and run down the list of key Star Wars comics related to those rumors. Is Rupert Friend the Grand Inquisitor? What Teens will play "Stranger Things in Space?"

DrunkWooky’s Unsolicited Review of The Mandalorian Episode 1: Binary Sundance Kid

The day has come to pass and we all rejoiced! Disney+ launched today, November 12, 2019 and episode 1 of the hotly anticipated Star Wars live action series, the Mandalorian was pre-loaded and ready to go! This is DrunkWooky back with another totally unsolicited review! That's right. Nobody asked for it. Nobody needs my opinion, but here it is anyway!