SPOILERS: New Hasbro Bad Batch Crosshair Figure Image Leak Reveals Plot Detail

Images of the packaging of a second Hasbro Black Series Crosshair Black Series figure, differing from the one already available for pre-order, have surfaced along with potential massive spoilers for the new Disney+ show coming May 4, 2021.

DrunkWooky’s Unsolicited Review of The Mandalorian Episode 1: Binary Sundance Kid

The day has come to pass and we all rejoiced! Disney+ launched today, November 12, 2019 and episode 1 of the hotly anticipated Star Wars live action series, the Mandalorian was pre-loaded and ready to go! This is DrunkWooky back with another totally unsolicited review! That's right. Nobody asked for it. Nobody needs my opinion, but here it is anyway!