Asmus Toys Update Devil May Cry III Vergil and DMCV Dante 1/6 Scale Figures with Correct Armor

In a true showing of commitment to accuracy and delivering quality to the fans, Asmus have since updated their solicitations with images of the all new Beowulf armor, correct for Vergil's character


Asmus Toys Announces The Lord of the Rings The Mouth of Sauron 1/6 Scale Figure

Asmus Toys has announced it's latest addition to the Lord of the Rings 1/6 scale figure line, the Mouth of Sauron. Now you can own your favorite thrush-afflicted Tolkien villain to battle your Gandalfs and Theodens. This is great news because the line was a little light on villain releases as of recent. Check out the full gallery, product info, and pre-order details after the jump!