Iron Studios Announce 1:10 Scale Deluxe Jabba Statue

Iron Studios have announced a 1:10 scale Jabba the Hutt deluxe art scale statue! This statue features his eminence, Jabba the Hutt, on his iconic Tattooine throne, flanked by his bubbler and court jester, Salacious Crumb! This statue releases April to June 2022.

U.S. Marshals Auction Off Vintage Kenner Star Wars Gonk Droid Collection In Investment Fraud Case

The U.S. Marshals seized a large original vintage Kenner collection during an investment fraud investigation which is now being auctioned off. You can bid on the collection at Gaston and Sheehan. The collection contains a large assortment of original Kenner Power Droids or "gonk" droids, even including original Kenner production blueprints for a gonk droid, and an original mail-away Boba Fett from 1979 still in the mail-away packaging.