Hasbro Reveal Cardbacks for Star Wars The Vintage Collection Ahsoka, Maul, Jawa, and Echo

Ahsoka and Darth Maul from their Clone Wars Season 7 showdown on Mandalore, were announced in January as part of Hasbro Pulse's Fan First Friday. This week they unveiled the impressive new cardbacks for both figures though.

Hasbro Pulse I Am Your Father’s Day Livestream Updates 6/9/2021: Star Wars Black Series and Vintage Collection

Today, to rev up for Father's Day, Hasbro Pulse took to Youtube to show off the upcoming Star Wars Vintage Collection and Black Series pre-orders, the majority of which will be available for pre-order through fan channels such as Entertainment Earth tomorrow, June 10, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST. There are some Target exclusives (noted below) that you'll have to hunt for, unfortunately.