PREVIEW: Valance and Co. Take On Crimson Dawn In Star Wars Bounty Hunters #28

Next week the #28 issue of Star Wars: Bounty Hunters hits the shelves and that means official preview day! This is my most anticipated issue of this week.

Star Wars High Republic 1 Spoilers (Marvel) | Over 12 First Appearances on 10/12/22!

The time is finally upon us! Next week, Phase II of Star Wars The High Republic kicks off in comic books with High Republic #1! And you know what? We've got a sneak peek! This comic is going to be a pretty massive key comic issue in the High Republic canon, on the same level or bigger than Phase I High Republic 1! We've got over a dozen first appearances and cameos in this issue and I think probably 3-4 are going to be major fan-favorite characters. Check out the spoilers below!