Star Wars: The High Republic #4 Includes Multiple First Appearances of Key Characters

Star Wars: The High Republic #4 (2022) from Marvel comics came out today and boy oh boy it's a doozy. Tons of action, plot development and first appearances.

SPOILERS: Doctor Aphra 24 May Be The Biggest Aphra Comic In Years

I was able to secure some copies of Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #24 by Alyssa Wong a few days before it's September 28th release date and not only is it a great read (one of my favorites this year), it's a potential future key issue with the introduction of some never seen before faces.

Star Wars Comics First Appearances and Key Events: Mandalorian Manga (Big Gangan Vol 7 June 2022)

Welcome back to another new comic book day, EveryWookiee!! On June 25, 2022, Square Enix Publishing continued the Mandalorian serialization and Star Wars Visions adaptations with Big Gangan Vol. 7 was published in Japan. I got my hands on a couple copies and I’ve gone through analyzing first appearances and key events here.