Key Events and First Appearances For Star Wars: High Republic #9 (2022)

Star Wars The High Republic #9 (2022) came out this week and there were some key moments to pay attention to. Check out everything here.

Star Wars High Republic 1 Spoilers (Marvel) | Over 12 First Appearances on 10/12/22!

The time is finally upon us! Next week, Phase II of Star Wars The High Republic kicks off in comic books with High Republic #1! And you know what? We've got a sneak peek! This comic is going to be a pretty massive key comic issue in the High Republic canon, on the same level or bigger than Phase I High Republic 1! We've got over a dozen first appearances and cameos in this issue and I think probably 3-4 are going to be major fan-favorite characters. Check out the spoilers below!

SPOILERS: Doctor Aphra 24 May Be The Biggest Aphra Comic In Years

I was able to secure some copies of Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #24 by Alyssa Wong a few days before it's September 28th release date and not only is it a great read (one of my favorites this year), it's a potential future key issue with the introduction of some never seen before faces.

The Ultimate Guide To Reading Star Wars Comics: Where To Start, Reading Order, And Formats

Want to start reading Star Wars comics but don't know where to start? Did you ry to start reading but got confused? This guide to reading Star Wars from DrunkWooky is here to help.