Stellan Gios Legacy Lightsaber Hilt & Comic Book Set | Full Details

Stellan Gios Legacy Lightsaber Hilt & Comic Book Set | Full Details

Star Wars The High Republic fans were treated with a huge announcement that Shopdisney would be selling a Stellan Gios Limited Edition Legacy Lightsaber hilt this November 17th, 2023 that would be limited to 5000 pieces.

Note: It’s late and my kids are trippin. I didn’t fully proofread this post for typos and misspellings. Feel free to drag me in the comments about it.

Then a few weeks later shopDisney put a placeholder image in their “coming soon” section that included a brand new comic book cover for Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures from Dark Horse comics in the photography.

But that’s all we knew. Until now…

Today, a friend of mind, shared a link on Discord to a page on the shopDisney Asia site that showed the listing for this lightsaber as LIVE in Australia. Not sure if they are getting an early opportunity to buy or if this listing is an accident… but either way we now have all of the details.

I’ll post the full product description below but here are the main details:

It’s Not Cheap – The listing shows the price as AU$ 665.90 – which comes out to ~$423.54 USD. My initial thoughts were, “woah… that’s more than I expected.” The new Kanan Hilt from the Ahsoka show is listed as $265.90 (~$168 USD) and, while it does not come with the comic, it still comes with a case. And is more than 50% cheaper. Not sure if this is some odd markup for AU people or what or if the added complexity to the saber warranted the premium price.

UPDATE: There are people already selling them on eBay with a bit of a markup here.

For comparison the limited edition Ahsoka Legacy Lightsaber set that was announced on May the 4th last year sold for $400. It was limited to 6000, also came in a wooden box (that played Ahsoka’s theme when you opened it), and a numbered plaque. But the difference is it had two hilts.

The good news is that the Ahsoka sabers are still selling (at the time of this post) for $650-$800 on eBay.

UPDATE: Looks like it will be $325 USD in the U.S. (and Canada? Not sure if there is a CA site) and £ 360.00 in the U.K.

Receipt from Disney World purchase

It’s Metal! (at least partially)– When the prototype images from NYCC 2023 came out many people, including myself, thought it had a cheaper look than most of the other exclusive lightsabers. Then I saw someone who was there comment that it was actually made of hard plastics. I had assumed this was just a new, more economical, version of lightsabers that were going to now be a part of the Star Wars merch world. But the listing shows that this saber is, in fact, the same materials as all of the other Legacy sabers. There are still plastics listed, as well as with the Kanan saber, but at least it’s not all plastic.

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The Comic – the Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures Comic that is included is a reprint of the the Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures Annual #1 from 2021. It’s the first full appearance of Bell Zettifar and Ember, Loden Greatstorm, Porter Engle, Indeera Stokes, and others. It’s one of the biggest keys of the High Republic publishing initiative. I am not sure whether or not this comic will have a ton of standalone value or not. But, if it has to be a reprint, this is a good one.

Conclusion – I don’t love the price point. But at the same time I’ve talked a lot of shit about, “the moment they release the first High Republic lightsaber I’m gonna get that!!”, so… I’m going to get it.

That’s all for now. I’ll put all of the images and product details below.

Stellan Gios Limited Edition Legacy LIGHTSABER Hilt and Comic Book Set, Star Wars: The High Republic

A legendary Jedi Knight during the time of the High Republic, Stellan Gios was revered for his deep connection to the Force and his unwavering dedication to the Republic. Admired throughout the galaxy for his wisdom and skill, Gios stood as a guardian of peace and justice. Now, his legacy passes on to you when you take hold of this limited-edition Stellan Gios Legacy LIGHTSABER hilt.

Hear epic sound effects and see the blade glow when you attach one of our Lightsaber Blades, sold separately. Intricately designed and presented in a distinguished wooden display box, this elegant cross guard Lightsaber hilt comes with an exclusive Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures comic book featuring six thrilling stories. This hilt is a testament to a Jedi who saw the interconnectedness of all life – the very embodiment of Life Day.  

Product Details:

  • Limited edition of 5,000
  • Includes hilt, comic book and display box
  • Replica of crossguard Lightsaber hilt carried by Stellan Gios
  • Wooden display case with hinged lid and lined interior
  • Push switch on hilt to activate Lightsaber noises and illuminate blue an attachable Lightsaber Blade, sold separately
  • Battery case in handle
  • Coordinates with our Lightsaber Clip, Lightsaber Blades, Lightsaber Sheath and Lightsaber Hilt Stand, sold separately
  • Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures Annual (2021) reprint comic book with exclusive variant cover by Harvey Tolibao
  • Includes six different adventures:

First Mission written by Justina Ireland and art by Yael Nathan
No Stone Unturned written by Claudia Grey and art by Jason Loo
The Haul written by Justina Ireland and art by Yael Nathan
Set for Life written by Charles Soule and art by Sam Beck
Crash and the Crew Do What They Do written by Daniel José Older and art by Jesse Lonergan
Bralanak City Smackdown written by Daniel José Older and art by Harvey Tolibao

  • Inspired by Star Wars: The High Republic

The bare necessities:

  • Ages 14+
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries, included 
  • Aluminum / zinc / metal / ABS / POM / PVC / FDM
  • Hil: approx. 33cm x 25.4cm x 6.4cm
  • Comic book: approx. 17.8cm x 35.6cm
  • Wooden display case: approx. 38.9cm x 30.5cm x 12.1cm
  • Imported 

Item No. 418147418747

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