Star Wars #35 Going To A 2nd Printing

Star Wars 35 is getting a 2nd print variant. Get all the details here.

Star Wars #35 by Charles Soule and Marvel Comics came out this week and immediately caught the attention of Star Wars fans and collectors alike.

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It has everything you want in a key issue.

  • It had first appearances
  • It had lore changing moments that connect to other media (including movies)
  • It had great art
  • It was written by a popular comic writer

If you missed the issue you can get full spoilers here.

And while the comic hasn’t heated up to the levels that Star Wars #34 did (first appearance of Gretta) it has had enough interest that Marvel is doing a 2nd print variant.

The 2nd printing will be out on July 19th with final orders for retailers due on June 19th.

No cover art yet but I’ll be sure to let you know here, on Instagram, or on Twitter the moment it drops.

UPDATE: Cover art reveal. Here’s the first print and the 2nd print side by side.

Personally, this issue is probably my favorite Star Wars comic of the year so far from a story standpoint. It’s 100% a key issue.

Time will tell if that means it’s value will rise, though. It takes more than first appearances for a comic to get hot. Supply has to run out. Scarcity plays a big part in it.

We’ll see.

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