New High Republic Mini-Series Shadows of Starlight Coming This Fall!

On today’s “This Week In Star Wars” show, host Kristin Baver announced a new High Republic mini series titled Star Wars: The High Republic – Shadows of Starlight by Charles Soule

The 4-part mini-series will cover the year that takes place between Phase I and Phase III of the High Republic.

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Issue #1 is set to be released this October, 2023. No specific date at the moment, though.

While we won’t know the variants for a few months yet, we do have a reveal of the cover A by Phil Noto featuring what I believe is the entire Jedi Council during that time.

This would be the first cover appearance for at least half of them if not more.

I’m going to guess that this series will be mainly about the Jedi councilf FINALLY taking the threat of The Nameless seriously and investigating ways to defeat them and the Nihil.

Grand Admiral Frik

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