Two Book Characters Get First Appearances In Star Wars High Republic Adventures #5

Star Wars High Republic Adventures 5 Battle of Jedha

Star Wars: High Republic Adventures by Daniel Jose Older comes out this week and like most of the Dark Horse all-ages High Republic run there is a nice mix of Star Wars lore and silly all-ages moments.


In between Sav Malagon becoming best friends with Saya Keem and Therm Scissorpunch overcoming his own limiting beliefs, Daniel Jose Older provides a nice backdrop of the Battle of Jedha.

On one panel of the comic, we see three Jedi appear when Sav is explaining the peace treaty issues between Eiram and E’ronoh.

From left to right the Jedi are Aida Forte (Battle of Jedha, Cataclysm), Creighton Sun (Convergence, Battle of Jedha, Cataclysm), and Silandra Sho (Quest for the Hidden City, Battle of Jedha.)

First comic appearance of Creighton Sun and Aida Forte

While all three are major book characters only Silandra Sho has been in a comic before this where she appeared in a single panel of Star Wars: High Republic #6 by Cavan Scott and Marvel comics. Also, Silandra Sho is the goat and easily my favorite Jedi from phase II of the High Republic.

For Creighton Sun and Aida Forte, this will likely be considered their first “cameo” appearance in a comic. It’s one panel and they are not named.

I don’t think this means this book will immediately be worth a ton of money or anything but I wanted to share this for anyone who wanted to collect the first appearances of all of the High Republic characters.

This issue also has the first appearance (not in hologram form) of Jedi Master Kaktorf, Sav Malagan’s master. He previously appeared in a hologram in High Republic Adventures #3 when trying to get Sav to come back to the temple.

Star Wars High Republic Adventures Jedi Master Kaktorf Sav Malagan.

Overall this was a fun issue. Still interested to see if Sav, Maz, and the Dank Graks have any other crossover with the Marvel comics or novels that also take place during the Battle of Jedha.

I would love to see the Brothers of the 9th Door or even Marda Ro appear in this story if it makes sense for what DJO had in mind. We’ll see.

Star Wars The High Republic Adventures #5 (2022) | Phase 2

Format: 8 Part Series


(W) Daniel Jose Older (A) Tony Bruno (CA) Harvey Monticillo

Jedi Padawan Sav Malagán remains torn between her devotion to The Force and adventurous spirit of youth. But to save her new-found pirate friends, led by the infamous Maz Kanata, she must delve deeper into the murky underworld and infiltrate a dangerous gang of marauders, known as the Dank Graks. But will her Jedi training be enough to help her save them in time, or with the Graks discover her true identity!

In Shops: May 31, 2023


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