Marvel Star Wars By Gillen & Pak Omnibus Coming In April 2024 (Finally, Vol 2)

Finally! Fans have been asking for this for YEARS! We’re finally getting a Star Wars by by Kieron Gillen and And Greg Pak Omnibus that collects the 2nd half of the Star Wars (2015) Marvel comics run. This is essentially the volume 2 of Star Wars by Jason Aaron that came out in 2019 and reprinted last year.

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I say “essentially” because it won’t officially be called vol. 2 since the title does not include Jason Aaron’s name like it’s predecessor does. But for all intents and purposes it’s a volume 2.

So if you wanted to read the entire 2015 Marvel Star Wars run here’s the breakdown.

Star Wars by Jason Aaron collects:

  • Star Wars (2015) 1-37
  • Darth Vader 13-15
  • Doctor Aphra 7-8
  • The Screaming Citadel 1
  • Star Wars Annual 1-3

And the newly announced Star Wars by Gillen and Pak Omnibus collects:

  • Star Wars 38-75
  • Star Wars Annual 4
  • Star Wars: Empire Ascendant 1

There will be two covers for this omnibus, a main cover by Phil Noto and a DM variant by David Marquez.

They’re both great but I’m going with the DM variant for this one. It’s one of my favorite covers from the entire 75 issue Star Wars 2015 run and I was happy to see it chosen for one of the Star Wars by Gillen & Pak Omnibus.

All I have to say about this news is, “better late than never.”

Thank you for spending this time with me and I hope all is well my friend.

Grand Admiral Babu

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