UPDATE 5/16/2023: The DrunkWooky 3.75″ Vintage Style Action Figure!

Since we last spoke, the DrunkWooky 3.75″ vintage style action figure has been printed and we have an in-hand unpainted prototype! Follow our progress on twitter and instagram for more updates! Next step, paint!

Original May 8, 2023 post:

Sneak Peek: The DrunkWooky 3.75″ Vintage Style Action Figure!

Yes, we did some stickers earlier this year! Those were cool, but how can you beat a 3.75″ Kenner-style action figure with a full blown 4 points of articulation!?

Here is a sneak peek of the DrunkWooky action figure coming later this year! It’s modeled by the awesome Bobaluga Studios! Bobaluga actually adapted the original logo design produced for us by Altered State Comics in Manchester, Missouri!

It comes complete with signature DrunkWooky text sculpted on the shades, a beer-dolier for holding Wook’s frosty brews, and two action cans of beer! The figure that answers “what happens when you let the Wookiee win, but he is too drunk to understand what you are saying?”


We’ll be getting prototypes in the next week or so and testing out paint applications, then we’ll be doing a pre-order! We’ll be producing strictly to order!

I never thought I’d ever have my very own action figure, but here we go! Stay tuned!

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