The Mandalorian Is Getting A Manga Adaptation By Viz Media

The Mandalorian Is Getting A Manga Adaptation By Viz Media

Even though it was an adaptation of season #1, Star Wars: The Mandalorian by Marvel Comics was one of the best-selling Star Wars comic series of 2022, largely because collectors were falling over themselves to get the first appearances of Din Djarin, Grogu, Cara Dune, Fennec Shand, Moff Gideon, among others.

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It went so well that Marvel is coming back for more and has the first issue of The Mandalorian Season 2 adaptation set to hit stores next month in Just 2023.

Well, Viz Media is getting in on the fun with a manga adaptation of season #1 that comes out on September 12, 2023, that will retell the stories from all 8 episodes.

Star Wars The Mandalorian: The Manga, Vol. 1

The Mandalorian and The Child are on the run, and nowhere is safe!

Years after the fall of the Galactic Empire, a solitary bounty hunter is given a simple mission. Find and return the Child to the Imperial Remnant, all that remains of the once all-powerful Empire. This mysterious orphan has a power that can possibly turn events in their favor, and acquisition of that power is paramount. Instead, the bounty hunter goes on the run with the Child to protect him from the forces that would do him harm. Here is the story of The Mandalorian, and his desperate quest to save the Child and himself.

Based on the series created by Jon Favreau and written by Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, Christopher Yost, and Rick Famuyiwa.

You can check out the Amazon listing here if you wanted to get it pre-ordered now. The listing was added over the weekend.

I wouldn’t expect this to be a big collector’s item or anything but if you’re a Manga fan who also digs The Mandalorian then go nuts.

If you want to see all of the Marvel comic variants for the Mandalorian be sure to check out the variant checklists below.

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