Star Wars #34 Is Getting A 2nd Printing Variant with A Red Kyber Crystal

Star Wars #34 Is Getting A 2nd Printing Variant with A Red Kyber Crystal

First of, happy Star Wars Day! Hope you and yours have a fun day of blowing your money on anything and everything related to our favorite galaxy far far away.

Yesterday, Star Wars #34 by Charles Soule came out and absolutely blew up on the 2nd market as I saw the cover A of the book go as high as $41. Absolutely nuts.

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This shortage has lead to Star Wars #34 getting a 2nd printing variant that is due to hit stores on June 14, 2023. The variant uses the same cover art as the Cover A for the first printing but with a red kyber crystal instead of a green one.

UPDATE: Apparently there will also be a 1:25 incentive virgin variant of the Phil Noto cover as well.

Check it out.

There are no pre-order details for this variant yet but I will update you on Twitter and Instagram when pre-orders go live. Until then you can check yourself here.

So why is Star Wars #34 so hot? Well, for three reasons:

  1. This is start of Luke Skywalker’s journey to building his green lightsaber. Finally giving us some answers as to how and where Luke was able to find the crystal and build the saber we see him holding in Star Wars Return of the Jedi.
  2. There is a first appearance of a character named Gretta. She’s pretty badass and I personally hope she sticks around for awhile. Who is she? She’s a former Jedha native who’s family has been part of the Fallanassi religious order for generations. The Fallanassi were typically force users but it appears Gretta is not. This order first appears in High Republic #1 from 2022.
  3. This book also has the first cameo appearance of kyber expert Dr Cuata who fled once he noticed other kyber experts, like Galen Erso, disapearing.

Overall it was a fun start to a new arc. I’m happy a 2nd print is happening so people who wanted the art from cover A get another shot.

Even if it’s slightly different.

May the fourth be with you my friend, always.

Grand Admiral Frik.

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